A little alpaca information

We started raising alpacas because of so many different reasons...
Mostly, because it's a resource, one that doesn't involve slaughtering.

Alpacas grow a marvelous fiber all year round, without any requirements of brushing nor grooming.
Once a year, usually late May/ very early June we shear our lovely alpacas and turn they're winter fleeces into different products. We make our felted artisan scarves using the best quality fibers. Mostly baby alpaca or prime fibers from a few adult alpacas with lower than 24 micron.  
We make insoles or purses , or anything else that isn't directly worn on the skin with other fibers that aren't so soft. And then there's the "Stuffing" bag which will hold anything that isn't useful for anything else other than ... well.. stuffing...we will be making eco friendly pillows soon.

Alpaca's favorite meal is a fresh pasture filled with variety. However they do just fine with hey and alpaca/ lama feed. Our alpacas get less alpaca feed and more fresh veggies and fruits almost everyday. Lettuce, carrots, celery, apples, even banana and mango peels !

There is however a list of poisonous plants that one has to be aware of. I will try and list them here soon...

Alpacas have an average of 335 day gestation, carrying only one cria (alpaca baby). However , twins are rare , but they can occur.